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Mobile risk management service for farmers and agricultural organizations
Certified Since: March, 2019
Location: Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México, Mexico
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Extensio is a Mexican-based B Corporation dedicated to reducing rural poverty and making agriculture a prosperous activity (economically and environmentally) for present and future generations.

Acting as a digital field agent, Extensio employs information and communication technologies to provide farmers and actors of the agricultural value chains with timely information for decision making: weather and pest forecast and management, production risk mapping, best agricultural practices and market trends.

To farmers, Extensio offers targeted content that is specific to their needs, crops and channels of communication (SMS, WhatsApp, IVR and voice messages) so that they can increase their productivity, quality and income and consequently their standard of living.

To agribusinesses, research centers and governments, Extensio offers an effective and scalable service to reach their farmer base directly, monitor and control production risks in early stages, improve volumes and quality and generate systemic growth.

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