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Certified Since: October, 2010
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Fairware Promotional Products is a Vancouver based promotions agency that specializes in custom branded sustainable products. They specialize in ethically sourced and environmentally responsible promotional products, each supplier is assessed based on the Fairware Supplier Code of Conduct and they do their homework on the environmental and social attributes of their client’s custom imprinted products.

Fairware’s clients are evenly split between the US and Canada and they work with a range of corporate, educational and non-profit clients including AVEDA, Seventh Generation, Patagonia, Nature’s Path, David Suzuki Foundation and Aspen Skiing Company. Fairware helps sustainability teams and their marketing and HR colleagues to ensure their promotional products, client gifts and incentives align with their values and sustainability campaigns.

Fairware’s mission is to change the world through the simple act of buying. They're committed change makers and they're serious about sustainability.

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