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Site Selection, Incentives Negotiation & Compliance
Certified Since: March, 2016
Location: Fishers, Indiana, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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FairWinds partners with their clients to help them on their path toward job growth, capital investment and business site location. They identify and evaluate potential locations whether buying, leasing or new construction, and take into account data such as workforce availability, state and local taxes, quality of life issues and other important factors based on each individual client’s needs.

The firm analyzes and negotiates local and state incentives like tax credits and training grants. FairWinds ensures that their clients’ compliance requirements with all incentives are fulfilled by providing reminders, assistance and reviews throughout the term of the incentives.

Companies in high growth mode face many challenges and changes; FairWinds helps them understand how mergers, acquisitions, sales, employee turnover and other factors affect both existing and future incentives. In many ways, FairWinds becomes a valued member of their client’s team.

As a innovative Site Selection firm, FairWinds assists entrepreneurs and companies who not only want to increase their profits, but also desire to have a positive impact on their local community and society at large.

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