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Farmacie Fiorentine AFAM SpA SB

Self medication, prescription drugs and other health services.
Certified Since: February, 2019
Location: Florence, Florence, Italy
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Pharmacies network focused on prevention and natural medicine.
Farmacie Fiorentine AFAM SpA is a network of 21 pharmacies managed under mixed public and private ownership by the Municipality of Florence and Apoteca Natura, a network of independent pharmacies able to listen to and guide people on their personal journeys towards health.

The company has operated since 1952 with the objective of serving citizens in their health needs, guaranteeing the access to advanced and unique social and health services entrusted to it by the municipal administration via:
● full territorial coverage
● offering of prevention and self diagnosis services
● promotion of health information campaigns on correct lifestyles
● research activity on preventive medicine and treatment adherence
● support activities to disadvantaged population
● inclusion services to tourists

At the heart of the AFAM work, there has always been the Individual together with the respect for both human body and environment in which they live to create a shared value for all stakeholders.

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