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Fireclay Tile

Hand-made, made-to-order Tile
Certified Since: January, 2015
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Sector: Manufacturing

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Fireclay Tile was founded in 1986 by Paul Burns, its Chief Ceramicist, whose mission was to make beautiful tile for people, the way they want it, when they want it. Today Fireclay is proud to be the only vertically integrated, direct-to-customer tile manufacturer whose strength lies just as much in service as in making tile. With a firm belief that there is nothing more sustainable than good design, Fireclay has chosen to devote its work to making durable products that will retain their beauty for years to come. A long standing dedication to reducing waste and maximizing efficiency has led the company to make 100 percent of its product at its Northern California factory where they are able to leverage time honored techniques with modern technology.

The company’s made-to-order efficiencies allow for an extensive assortment of carefully curated products including, Tile, Brick, and Handpainted. Fireclay’s client list includes Whole Foods, Starbucks, Salesforce, and Google. All product lines contribute to achieving LEED credits. Fireclay aims to be a triple bottom line company and ensure they take the environment and its 155 employees’ well being into every decision they make. To learn more about Fireclay Tile or to order free samples, please visit www.fireclaytile.com.

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