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Systems Change Consulting
Certified Since: January, 2015
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Flip Labs is a leader in new models for systems change. They build strategic, collective impact. Their lens is optimistic; their strength is a powerful combination of analytics and empathetic design.

Flip Labs' clients, whether they are investors, philanthropists or enterprises, are looking to understand complex systems and to ignite change within them. Flip Labs provides them with a diverse suite of highly customizable services that can work independently or in concert. They help their clients re-frame challenges, discover new opportunities, and develop investable business ecosystems that work together to drive change.

Flip Labs helps clients find better pathways to results. They are experts at navigating complex systemic problems, whether those represent new market opportunities, or the possibility of unwinding social or environmental challenges. They believe in matching complexity with nuanced approaches that leverage collective impact and wisdom. Where most other organizations see a silver bullet, they see an ecosystem. And they believe the core building blocks of change are people and action, not theory.

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