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They develop branding strategies and content to help leaders expand their networks
Certified Since: July, 2018
Location: Denver, Colorado, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Flow is a content marketing agency for Visionary leaders. They want to help the thousands of potential influencers (i.e. Visionaries) looking to share their message with the world but don’t know how. They use an innovative process to turn their talent’s expertise into a tight messaging strategy that resonates with their target audience. They then turn their messaging strategy into a professional content plan designed to scale ideas fast. Whether it’s for basic amplification or an entire messaging platform and content strategy, Flow elevates the demand and opportunities for leaders in any industry.

They do this while carrying out their founding purpose: to create digital marketing apprenticeships that prepare highly-motivated, under-skilled talent for digital marketing careers. Putting a modern spin on the ancient Apprenticeship model, they pair their master talent with emerging talent to up-skill the labor force.

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