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Certified Since: July, 2015
Location: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Supporting a movement. Changing the world one organization at a time.

There are so many amazing, innovative, smart and creative people in the world who are focussing on what can be done to build a sustainable, vibrant and abundant world for all; so FLOW decided not to pick a single project but to instead support the great work and ideas already taking root.

In short, FLOW can affect the greatest amount of change in the world by providing all the essential back office services needed to support the growth and development of B Corps and all kinds of socially and environmentally focussed organizations and businesses. FLOW Office Wisdom holds tightly to their core values (Transformation, Awareness, Courage, Enthusiasm, and Connection) and they encourage their clients to maintain focus on their "why".

As a team, FLOW represents a full range of administrative and back office skills: Bookkeeping, Project Management, Event Planning, Written Communications, Websites, Human Resources, Design, Marketing and Promotion and more…

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