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Gelfand Partners Architects

Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Master Planning
Certified Since: October, 2013
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Gelfand Partners is a woman-owned, full service San Francisco design firm. The office advances the design of schools, affordable housing and civic facilities and extends the benefits of sustainability for budget sensitive clients. Through responsive design, social engagement and adaptive reuse of historic buildings Gelfand Partners’ practice reinforces the strengths of mature communities and enables and stimulates a healthy future for new communities.

Gelfand Partners has designed healthy and dignified homes for thousands of residents with low or no income. Through creating welcoming social settings Gelfand Partners’ dozens of multifamily developments help residents connect with neighbors and make themselves truly at home. Gelfand Partners’ innovations in education affect not only the tens of thousands of students attending Gelfand Partners’ new and modernized schools and colleges, but also influence high performance design standards across multiple other institutions.

Gelfand Partners participates in the development and dissemination of cost effective, simple and reliable best practices shared across the industry. Healthy environments, lower operating costs, and a flexible future should define the 21st century building stock. Gelfand Partners designs for tomorrow today.

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