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General Bio

Functional Cosmetics, Bio Foods (Supplements), and Eco-friendly Household Goods
Certified Since: February, 2015
Location: Wanju-Gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea (Republic of)
Sector: Manufacturing

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General Bio Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturing company specialized in Bio R&D and developing bioactive and eco-friendly raw materials and bio-products. General Bio's product lines include eco-friendly detergents and household products which are safe for people and minimize environment pollution. Other product lines are bio-functional cosmetics and bio-food, which is focused on improving anti-aging and well-being of people.

As the company mission statement states "happy companion and creating beautiful value", General Bio Co.,Ltd.'s main business objectives are to help local society by creating jobs, and trying to make better economic and nature environment through its manufacturing activities focusing on Bio R&D.

In regards to social improvement, the main activities General Bio Co.,Ltd. are committed to can be categorized in three ways: diminishment of social and environmental problems caused by harmful chemical products by producing eco-friendly products; supporting economic independence of local disadvantaged group by providing stable jobs; improvement of market competitiveness of products made by technologically disadvantaged social enterprises through research and development support to increase their product quality and marketability.

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