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Give Something Back Workplace Solutions

Office Products, Furniture, Printing Services, Janitorial and Breakroom Supplies
Certified Since: May, 2007
Location: Oakland, California, United States
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Give Something Back certainly wasn't fooling around when it came up with and backs up its company name. The organization was built around the idea of selling discounted office supplies (such products as paper clips and pens) directly to businesses through telephone sales and over the Internet. Give Something Back, founded by co-partners Sean Marx and Mike Hannigan and modeled after Newman's Own (the food company launched in 1982 by Paul Newman that donates its after-tax profits), donates its profits to charitable organizations. Give Something Back's employees and some 13,000 customers assist in choosing the recipients of its grants.

Give Something Back Workplace Solutions (GSB) is California's largest independent office supply company, with giving back to communities integral to its core mission and purpose. Donation recipients are community organizations chosen through a balloting process that involves GSB's 17,000 customers and 100-plus employees. Give Something Back is a full spectrum supplier, counting print, MPS and furniture among their offerings.

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