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Values Based Investing, Values Based Planning, Business Planning, ESG, SRI
Certified Since: August, 2015
Location: Buffalo, New York, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Established in 1988, Goldfarb Financial has always emphasized Capitalism Doing Good®. They believe in Empowerment through Education. They practice this principle not just with their clients but the entire community.

They strive to offer their clients investment options and portfolios that match their values. They believe a person’s portfolio is an important extension of their values. In an industry where success should be built on trust, they believe it’s important that their clients see not only long term financial returns, but social returns as well. That is why it’s important they develop a dialogue with each of their clients to better understand who they are and what their priorities are. Your investments can help shape the world.

Rather than limiting their clients’ options to fit a specific end goal in global sustainability, they choose to look at companies as a whole. With inclusive screens they are able to align clients’ values with the positive impacts companies may have on the world.

They are hoping to redefine the measure of success; how leaving a positive impact on the world should be considered when making decisions. That is why they strive to do our part in leaving a positive mark on the local community of Buffalo, NY and New Orleans, LA.
While many larger wealth management firms and online broker programs find success through detached numbers, Goldfarb Financial's boutique team of financial advisors prefers working with the individuals and pursuing meaningful growth. They are not like some mid-sized companies who accept everyone and help most. They believe in a more focused pursuit of success that is personalized to every client and works towards an impactful, and sustainable future.

Traditional philanthropy can have significant impact but does not reach everyone who wants to see impact with their dollars. Goldfarb Financial believes that Impact capitalism can provide a bridge to those seeking to create a better world but want to take a non traditional approach to do so. The results they seek are where everyone wins and sees the impact of their investments in the community and their own lives.

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