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Creation of purpose-led communicaitons
Certified Since: January, 2010
Location: Rochester, New York, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Founded in 1999, Good for Business is driven by an unrelenting passion to create world-improving communications. They believe communications to be the most powerful force in the world today and they want to do their part to make it a force for good.

They don't see profits as ends unto themselves but rather as the fuel for achieving noble purpose. Whether they are devoting their talents and imaginations for clients in New Zealand or New England, they believe an organization or business isn't just a brand to be built, but a cause to be believed in.

Good for Business communication's process is called MAP (Message and Purpose). Organizations, businesses and leaders can find their planning and communications drifting off course, straying from their authentic voice and often roaming through a wilderness of empty words, disconnected images, jargon and buzzwords resulting in pained expressions such as ‘Where are we?’, ‘Who are we?’, ‘Where are we going?’ all cued by the most important question—‘Why?”. The route to meaningful, confident and even courageous communications starts at a place called purpose. Message And Purpose (MAP) is here to help you develop a guide for creating purpose-led plans and communications designed to move you nearer to your noble goal.

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