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Good.Must.Grow. LLC

Socially Responsible Marketing
Certified Since: January, 2013
Location: Spring Hill, Tennessee, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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At Good.Must.Grow. they are helping create a world where there’s no business like good business. That’s why Good.Must.Grow is obsessed with helping good companies grow. They provide strategic marketing support for socially responsible businesses, nonprofit causes and organizations that are focused on health + wellness.

They bill for their services just like most agencies do. But they're not like most agencies. When Good.Must.Grow. generates after-tax profits from their work, they reinvest in worthy causes. Through their GmG Fund, they also raise money from outside donors for nonprofits that need strategic marketing help. Good.Must.Grow.'s central focus is creating accessible and affordable marketing so that good companies and causes can more effectively compete, and grow.The Change We Seek™

Good.Must.Grow wants to be part of a movement that drives societal change by sparking increased charitable giving and community involvement as well as unprecedented levels of corporate social responsibility. They want their clients to be case studies, proving that having a conscience is good for business. The good revolution is in full swing. They are adding fuel to that fire.

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