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Certified Since: June, 2012
Location: Recoleta Santiago, Santiago, Chile
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Green Libros is a for profit social venture in Chile, that collects books that would otherwise be sitting in disuse and either donates them to build libraries or sells them to provide funds for programs that promote reading or provide access to books. At the very least the book is recycled. Chile is a country that has a relatively high level of literacy, upwards of over 97% of the population can read, but less than half of Chileans have read a book in the last year. The primary reason that people give for not reading is the high cost of books and the lack of access to books. By donating books directly, as well as donating a percentage of the revenue of each sale they make a direct impact. Yet even more interesting is that their model allows them to offer books they sell at much lower costs than previously available in the market, indirectly influencing market prices towards greater accessibility.

Green Libros was started in 2009, and has collected and put to use or recycled over 75K books, while providing funding to 12 non-profit partners. The company collects books at over 30 different points in Santiago, Chile including primary schools, universities, libraries and recycling centers.

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