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GROUPE SERBECO (Serbeco SA, ProP SA, Energie durable SA)

Waste management - cleaning - heating - croquery sets and rental
Certified Since: August, 2019
Location: Satigny, Geneva, Switzerland
Sector: Manufacturing

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SERBECO – waste management, PROP – cleaning, ENERGIE DURABLE – heating management, are 3 important companies in the Geneva area that are a part of the SERBECO Group.

SERBECO has more than 40 years of experience in waste management in the Geneva region. Their activities range from waste collection, to sorting, or revalorization in addition to several services such as waste reduction consultancy. Back in 2016 a new sorting line was implemented in order to guarantee unrivaled sorting quality and precision in Switzerland for mixed waste.

PROP specializes in cleaning, waste management and croquery sets rental. They offer environmental management plans to limit negative impacts, specifically on flux (people and goods) and waste management.

Energie Durable does renewable energy management in order to reduce negative environmental impact. The company sells wooden pellets and chips. On top of that, they also offer multiple services such as mobile heating rental services, wood boiler, furnace and silos cleaning or even energy contracting.

Group SERBECO companies are 100% family owned by the founding partners. Co-workers well-being, respect and commitment are essential values that we defend above all.

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