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mental health resources, teacher support, community information
Certified Since: November, 2018
Location: Bondi, New South Wales, Australia
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Grow Your Mind is a mental health social venture dedicated to equipping young children, their schools and their families with the knowledge of ways to flourish. Their mission is to drive awareness about mental health so that children have the tools to support themselves through life’s ups and downs; Teachers understand the importance of looking after their wellbeing so they can nurture that of their students; and families feel more connected and confident to talk about mental health and are practising daily habits together.

Grow Your Mind has created beautiful resources and kits to promote emotional wellbeing within schools and homes. The resources and kits are grounded in positive psychology and mindfulness. Grow Your Mind also offers teaching, workshops, courses and events to further support mental health messaging and to engage community around feeling more confident in talking about mental health. As a social venture Grow Your Mind is committed to supporting low SES schools and families in need to have access to their kits, resources, workshops, teaching, courses and events.

Poor mental health is a serious issue but educating children doesn't have to be. Their reason for being is to create playful, engaging and creative ways to talk about and practice good mental health.

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