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Grupo Sueñolar

colchones, muebles y accesorios para el hogar
Certified Since: February, 2019
Location: Asunción, Ypacaraí, Paraguay
Sector: Manufacturing

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Since 1996, Grupo Sueño has been working so that its clients get the best rest through a good dream and for that. It has a quality management system working with employees focused on the customer experience and with a view to future generations, always seeking not only to impact the markets where they also need to be in the life and well-being of people. They also seek environmental conservation through their environmental management system and joint work with the community and its collaborators.
The Sueñolar Group stands out as the main employer in the community of Ypacaraí, Paraguay, in which it has its industrial and administrative operations.
It has 86 own sales points in Paraguay and with its own operations in Argentina and Bolivia. In addition, it exports its products to other countries such as Uruguay and Brazil.

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