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Happy Valley Meat Company

Small Farm Beef and Lamb
Certified Since: July, 2015
Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Happy Valley Meat Company works with responsibly-operated small family farms, buying pasture-raised whole animals and breaking them into cuts, allowing convenient responsible sourcing for chefs. They create better markets for farmers, bolstering the economy of traditional agricultural communities.

Contrary to commodity farming, their partner farmers set the price they need to make a living before they sell. In this way, the farmer is ensured a more stable income, avoiding the big packers who only tell them how much their time and energy is worth after the animal is sold.

To make life easier for chefs, HVMC mimics the system restaurants are used to (anonymous boxed meat). However, every piece of meat has the name of the farmer so nothing is anonymous. HVMC's partner chefs get the convenience of big packers but the values and traceability of small farms.

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