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WADI - Affordable Water Disinfection for the Poor
Certified Since: October, 2016
Location: Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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HELIOZ is a social enterprise based in Vienna and develops products with the potential to revolutionize the way clean water is obtained. Its aim is to support people from the bottom of the pyramid and to treat them as customers and not as beggars to ensure a sustainable support.

HELIOZ developed WADI, an innovative product for water disinfection. WADI is a solar powered UV-measurement device which is placed next to PET-bottles filled with contaminated water. It serves as an indicator for solar water disinfection. When a happy smiley face appears on the WADI, then the point is reached at which solar UV-radiation has made the water in the PET-bottles safe to drink.

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