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Hepburn Wind

Community-owned wind farm co-operative, Community Green offset product
Certified Since: March, 2016
Location: Daylesford, Victoria, Australia
Sector: Service with Significant Environmental Footprint

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Hepburn Wind is the owner and operator of Australia’s first community-owned wind farm.

Hepburn Wind is located at Leonards Hill, about 100km north-west of Melbourne, just south of Daylesford Victoria. The 4.1 MW wind farm hosts two turbines called Gale and Gusto, who have been producing enough clean energy for over 2000 homes since June 2011.

With 2002 member shareholders, at the project’s core is the shared desire to take constructive action against climate change and in the process directly benefit the community. The project has demonstrated that, under the right conditions, communities will overwhelmingly support renewable energy and the benefits can be spread widely throughout a community.

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