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HEX Dynamic Evacuation System
Certified Since: March, 2016
Location: Taipei, Taipei City, Taiwan
Sector: Manufacturing

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HEX focuses on bringing high level technology to provide safety standard in public places. The Dynamic Evacuation System can change the signs based on the fire scene immediately. Also, it can enhance the attention of people by 50%, effectively reduces the time of decision-making, and increases the safety rate. The technique has been validated by SFPE, iF Design Award and patents. Your safety, our technology.

HEX always imagines a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems and brings the better and safer live. HEX thinks the public safety and disaster prevention should be elevated constantly to adapt the changes of society. HEX believes that the government and the people should both be well aware of the importance of disaster rescue to bring synergy.

Urban disasters, early detect of extraordinary with precise location reports should have become the basic function of disaster rescue. The data of environment can also be used by far-end control with safety and comfort. HEX imagines that evacuation can apply to not only fire prevention, but also on floods, earthquakes, etc. Revisable evacuation signs can apply to many situations, it works better and safer than human guidance, and will make sure it performs perfectly in the critical moments.

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