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Personal Injury and Consumer Law
Certified Since: May, 2013
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Higher Legal empowers victims of personal injury through innovations in transparency, education, advocacy, support and accountability within the legal profession with a goal of transforming tragedy into triumph.

Higher Legal:Uses state-of-the-art research to find exceptional personal injury lawyers with proven track records in the particular type and size of case their client has;Provides fee negotiation education to help their clients save thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees, and thereby resolving the knowledge imbalance between attorneys and clients;Monitors their clients cases on a monthly basis, from start to finish, to make sure their clients are receiving honest and transparent legal representation;Supplies their clients with helpful tips and useful information during their case, information that is usually only available to the attorneys, in order to empower their clients to take control over the decisions made in their case. And then when the case is over,Helps their client rebuild their life by teaming them with coaching, training, education and vital services that enable their clients to become stronger and more exalted than ever before.

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