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Hilary's Eat Well

Food Production
Certified Since: February, 2014
Location: Lawrence, Kansas, United States
Sector: Manufacturing

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Hilary’s Eat Well is a real food manufacturing company in Kansas whose primary reason for being is to create products that make people feel good. Dedicated to nourishing bodies and the environment, only thoughtfully researched, non-GMO ingredients are used. The product offerings are free of common food allergens, easy to prepare at home, affordable to all and undeniably delicious! As an approachable, personable company, HEW is committed to forming long-lasting partnerships with suppliers, distributors and retailers.

Hilary’s Eat Well (HEW) strives to provide transparency to the food system, and support the eco-systems of their community and the planet. When sourcing ingredients, HEW searches for wonderful companies and producers that specialize in organics and hold similar values. On the HEW website, you’ll find exactly what’s in each product and where it comes from, so you can feel good about loving their food!

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