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Home Care Associates of Philadelphia, Inc.

Home Health Care Services
Certified Since: October, 2012
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Since 1993, Home Care Associates of Philadelphia (HCA) has dedicated itself to a quality care through quality jobs mission. By providing quality home care jobs, HCA works to ensure quality care across the Philadelphia metropolitan area for elders and people with disabilities. Throughout its history, HCA has trained and placed more than 1,800 people in quality employment. Today, nearly all of its 170 staff is made up of women who are also the cooperative’s worker-owners.

In a continued recession, Philadelphia faces unemployment rates near 11 percent, with HCA’s targeted communities seeing significantly more challenging employment and living conditions. HCA responds by providing free training and guaranteed, high-quality jobs for hundreds each year.

In the home care industry, aides must typically hold a number of part-time jobs to earn a decent income. In contrast, HCA provides its home health aides with full-time hours, and employees also receive: health insurance; dental insurance; transit passes; paid time-off; life insurance; worker-ownership opportunities; case management; and other supportive services. These practices promote retention for HCA’s workforce and ensure continuity of care for clients. HCA provides competitive wages, and its employees receive regular raises.

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