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Hora Salud

Reserva de horas de atención y difusión por medio de SMS. y otros servicios.
Certified Since: October, 2014
Location: Santiago, Santiago, Chile
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Hora Salud is committed to generating tailored services that improve people³s quality of life as well as improving the efficiency of Health Centers. The Hora Salud platform allows users to make and cancel doctors appointments via SMS, so that they don't have travel to a Health Center, wait hours to book a time, when they are already feeling ill. The users also receive a reminder SMS of their appointment. Hora Salud is a simple, user friendly and economical system for the user to interact with and it is a powerful tool to support health centers with their activities, as it reduces the number of last minute cancelations.

The system can be applied in different markets and scenarios which have a business intelligence platform and seek for the efficient implementation of public policies and other relevant information.

We are committed to our purpose and we wish to maintain it in time, for it is necessary to make a formal commitment and ensure that future partners and collaborators are in line with our purpose. In addition, the B Corp ecosystem promotes best practices and we power motivation and enthusiasm to make every day a better world together with others who are on the same page. We want to do well and create an impact in the triple bottom line, so we need to work hand in hand with experts in the field.

The Change We Seek

Improving the quality of peoplé³s lives, optimizing service delivery and decision making with reliable and quality data.

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