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Joya Plástica

Unique handcrafted jewelry pieces made out of reused plastic.
Certified Since: May, 2019
Location: Santiago, Santiago, Chile
Sector: Manufacturing

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Joya Plástica is a Chilean family owned company that creates bespoke sustainable jewelry since 2014. Their story is inspired by family heritage and the teachings of their great-grandmother "Oma". She gave them her legacy long before the idea of Joya Plástica was even born. In the 80s, she was already exploring different ways to reuse and recycle waste. She made balls of plastic bags, and by knitting them she manufactured medicine baskets to give away to hospitals. Fortunately, her heritage was in good hands and her techniques and applications were the seed to give life to their brand as it is today. Oma has been their foundational pillar; and like her, they want to be a reflection of women who contribute to society from design and creativity, in harmony and care for the environment.

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