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The best friend of your gut flora.
Certified Since: February, 2019
Location: rio de janeiro, rio de janeiro, Brazil
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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There are things that go beyond time. This is the kefir, a grain that gave rise to the probiotic drink associated with longevity and well being. Coming straight from the Caucasus Mountains, the region between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, it recalls times where sharing was the way of life.

A thousand years separate the history of the kefir birth from the discovery of the drink by Julia and Raphael. It was living on the campus of the University of Chicago that the couple had first contact with the probiotic drink. Rafael was a Master in Finance and Julia worked at the University. There they fell in love with the drink.

Back in Brazil, they could not find the drink ready for consumption anywhere. In a healthy nostalgia and in the search to promote and spread more and more health, they thought aloud: "What if we could keep this millenary tradition in line with current times?"

Thus, Keiff is born. It was years of research, contact with several local producers and many, many tests until the birth of the first "Keiffs". With a huge variety of natural probiotics, they regulate the intestine and generate wellness in a practical and tasty way.

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