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Kregel & Company CPA

Bookkeeping, tax planning and compliance services
Certified Since: March, 2013
Location: Souderton, Pennsylvania, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Kregel & Company provides accounting and tax solutions to businesses that seek a different CPA experience. They are atypical accountants who focus on providing a stellar experience for their customers and solving real problems, instead of just pushing paper. They believe in the power of business to change lives for the better. Ultimately, the desire is to connect with a tribe of like-minded companies who see business with a purpose beyond profit and to provide those companies with the opportunity, peace of mind and inspiration to be successful.

Using innovative, cloud-based technology, Kregel & Company provides a full complement of accounting, tax, and financial management services that allows customers to more effectively and efficiently run their business. They seek to maximize tax savings, assist with business growth, and help customers make better decisions.

Kregel & Company is committed to being a business change-agent through the stewardship of resources, people and profits. Utilizing technologies that reduce paper, cut waste, and make our interactions with customers more efficient and valuable.Modeling innovation in our own business model by creating an attractive workplace that includes flexible work schedules and telecommuting opportunities.

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