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Kruz, Toca Madera

Furniture, Lamps, decoration
Certified Since: February, 2017
Location: Santiago, Santiago, Chile
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Through sustainable manufacturing, Kruz offers real furniture.1. First, Kruz selects the noble woods that are most abundant in the south of Chile and that at the same time, meet the necessary aesthetic and resistance characteristics. Among them are the Mañio, Raulí, Lenga and Aromo.2. Then, Kruz creates simple and functional lines that do not go out of fashion. Despite using a valuable material, Kruz manages to have competitive prices, since they look to simplify the production process and to take advantage of every centimeter of wood.3. Kruz manufactures sustainable and timeless furniture, since this material has a low environmental cost and is an ecological product: Renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. (Unlike most of the furniture found today in the market, where companies have prioritized reducing costs sacrificing quality and the environment, using elements that pretend to be wood, such as melanin, which have a very short life, quickly becoming non-recyclable waste).4. After manufacturing the furniture, Kruz re-uses each piece of wood by giving it a second life, this is where the Toca Madera product line is born.

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