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Natural personal care products
Certified Since: February, 2014
Location: Austin, Texas, United States
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Lafes is an award winning natural and organic personal care brand with a twenty year history of creating healthy plant based products that promote sustainable living practices and strong environmental stewardship. Lafes offers an extensive line of certified organic deodorants, babycare and haircare products, taking pride in the company’s formulations that follow from the founder's mother’s simple adage regarding ingredients, “if you can’t pronounce them, avoid them.”

The founder’s deep seated belief is that consumers should be given healthy choices when it comes to what goes on the body with a commitment to product formulations which that are free of toxic preservatives, fake fragrances and anything petroleum. Lafes' Toxic Ten lists many everyday synthetic chemicals found in supermarket brands but don’t meet their high standards. Additionally the company’s policies support the believe that natural and healthy should be affordable for everyone with the hope that someday, natural and organic will become mainstream while synthetic and chemical become secondary.

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