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Web and Mobile Businesses
Certified Since: March, 2017
Location: Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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“Imagine if…” It was those two words that launched the Left story in 2010. Imagine if they could build a company built on innovation and ideas, where thinking differently was cherished rather than chastised. Imagine if they could leverage technology, marketing, and automation to build businesses of real and lasting value. Imagine if what they built made a difference to their families, their Community, and the world at large.

The founders at Left held a belief that a company built on a set of Core Values and an anything-is-possible attitude could indeed change the world. Their 10 core values have held strong since establishment. These values spoke about who they were as much as what they were going to create. They have guided their journey to ensure they always maintain their goal of doing business for all the right reasons. Yes, there would be bumps and bruises and failures along the way, but with persistence and a talented team– the final output would be something of which they could be proud. And that really is their big dream: to be proud of the mark they’ve made.

Left dreams of a world where every person on the planet has the ability to connect, without worrying about expensive data plans or infrastructure creation.

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