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Limited Resource Teacher Training

Education services
Certified Since: November, 2015
Location: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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LRTT stands for Limited Resource Teacher Training. It was set up by a group of UK teachers back in 2011 who were passionate about creating a future where every child has access to a good education - regardless of the context they were born into. LRTT's approach was to work with schools in countries with limited resources and support teachers through training and coaching. This year alone they are expecting to train over 2,000 teachers in 400 schools!

LRTT Fellows are empowering teachers around the world to use their skills beyond their classroom, country and continent. They are building a border-less professional community for teachers by teachers to exchange experience, knowledge and expertise for a global good. Fellows get valuable leadership experience and new knowledge to their teaching practice, becoming better professionals. The model involves training teachers, observing lessons and coaching conversations to embed these improvements. Teachers engage, apply the strategies and get feedback on how effective this is. LRTT want to see their training get more self-sustaining with teachers in the countries they work in taking the lead to develop one another. This year alone they are expecting to train over 2,000 teachers in 400 schools!

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