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Little Yellow Bird

Uniforms and Merchandise
Certified Since: May, 2016
Location: Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Little Yellow Bird designs and manufactures bespoke uniforms whilst ensuring everyone in the supply chain receives fair wages and has safe working conditions. They support everyone from their cotton farmers through to their tailors providing people with good jobs and opportunity for advancement.

Little Yellow Bird makes high quality products for corporates that share their commitment to social responsibility and ethical procurement. They work with companies that share their values and want to demonstrate them through the uniforms they wear. They provide everything from tee's and hoodies to polos and business shirts. They can also provide any customised product for orders above 50 units.

Little Yellow Bird supports the communities where our products are made by re-investing into community development projects such as micro-loan programs and sponsoring educational scholarships.

Little Yellow Bird wants to help break the cycle of poverty that exists in developing communities. They believe they can do this by providing people with access to good jobs and the opportunity for future training and education.

They also want to educate companies on sustainable supply chains and the impact that the fashion industry has on the world.

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