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Administrative services
Certified Since: May, 2015
Location: Carouge GE, Geneva, Switzerland
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Incorporated in 2013, Loyco offers innovative administrative services enabling its clients to focus on their core business. Loyco customers represent the diversity of the Swiss economy: from small SMEs to large multinationals.

Loyco services are based on reliable IT solutions optimizing business processes to increase efficiency, visibility and quality. To provide maximum wellbeing for its users, Loyco provides a human focused help desk to assist and answer questions.

Loyco enjoys strong growth thanks to a very positive response from the market. Before celebrating its 2nd birthday , the company already had more than 50 employees.

Based on strong values, Loyco seeks to modernize administrative services while promoting a human approach to business and its performance.

Loyco promotes a responsible and empowering economy in which employees are the engine of development and in which management is a catalyst of motivation. The corporate culture is based on trust and cultivates the right to make mistakes.

Loyco has built its business model aiming at a positive impact on the 3 axes "people", "planet" and "profit."

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