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Global solutions for water treatment and working metal fluids
Certified Since: December, 2018
Location: Boucherville, Québec, Canada
Sector: Manufacturing

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Magnus Chemicals Ltd. was founded in 1946. Its primary mission was to develop chemical treatment solutions for steam boilers and industrial cleaning processes. In 1965, Magnus saw an opportunity to provide custom-made water treatment equipment.
The company’s ultramodern facilities include analytical and R&D laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology to meet the customers' growing needs.
To protect our natural resources, its development team is committed to designing chemical products which exceed today's strictest environmental regulations. As a society, one must responsibly manage our natural resources and prepare ourselves for a fresh water shortage. Magnus offers many solutions to face the problem; their recovered rainwater and greywater treatment solutions among others help reduce consumption of potable water and have earned their customers LEED® certification points. Innovative boiler water treatment enables to save water and energy while reducing at the same time the amount of needed chemicals.
Over the past several years, Magnus has embraced sustainable development by implementing a variety of measures. Investing in sustainable development necessitates commitment and action; all their employees contribute on a regular basis.

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