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Mainstem Malt, SPC

High-Quality Malts Produced Sustainably
Certified Since: September, 2019
Location: Walla Walla, Washington, United States
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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For Malt Lovers - Mainstem Malt is on a mission to build innovative malt supply chains in support of family farms, rural communities, and on-farm conservation efforts — starting with water and striving for comprehensive sustainability.
You benefit through the malt-driven craft beer, spirits, and baked goods that you enjoy... not to mention a brighter future.

For Malt Buyers - They are there for folks looking to make a difference with their raw materials purchasing power. With Mainstem, you directly support family farmers, their conservation ethic, and the relocalization of grain economies.

For Farmers - They connect their growers to markets that value their conservation ethic.

For the Environment - Certified Salmon-Safe or Organic, irrigated or non-irrigated, annual or perennial.

For Better Business - Their commitment goes beyond great malt https://www.mainstemmalt.com/our-missions/for-better-business

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