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Maker srl

Mechanical parts and maintenance services for various industries
Certified Since: May, 2017
Location: Berbenno di Valtellina, Sondrio, Italy
Sector: Manufacturing

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Maker is the evolution of Gi. Emme Meccanica - a company founded in 2007 and immediately positioned mainly in the local market of Valtellina, in the mechanical maintenance sector.

Maker’s roots are stable and well planted in the local land, but it’s history is the future: the need to create a business model that can bring positive impact to the people that work for the company, all its stakeholders, and the local land and community. Through a person-oriented and benefit approach Maker creates business units in various operative sectors: production and maintenance of mechanical parts, mechanical carpentry, work on numerically controlled factory machines and manual machines, maintenance in the energy sector, maintenance in the food and industrial sectors.

Maker aims to pursue its work without forgetting other important aspects like respect for the environment and the people. They also aim to support and collaborate with nonprofits, philanthropic associations and businesses that operate in the organic, biodynamic space. The main goal is to construct a working environment that has shared values and is aware of both work and community issues.

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