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Mandalay Bay Investments Pty Ltd

The leading provider of waste technologies and weighbridge software
Certified Since: October, 2018
Location: South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Simon Kalinowski, the CEO, and owner of Mandalay Technologies is a technology-minded and spirited entrepreneur, who is confident in aligning purpose and profit. Simon has a passion for ecological sustainability, along with being a proud advocate for sustainable practices – particularly in the waste industry.

Simon’s passion for pursuing environmental change came from an article outlining the effects of climate change. The focus of this article showed that the majority of the Byron Bay area would be lost due to rising sea levels. “I felt utter devastation at the mere possibility within my son’s lifetime he would lose the ability to live in the area that provides so many incredible life experiences for me and us today.”

Simon made a commitment to himself, his family, Mandalay Technologies and our Customers;
To transition his life to a truly sustainable one for himself, for his family, for his business, for his staff, and for his customers. Simon and the Mandalay team have built a model that allows their customers and communities to challenge and transition their traditional businesses and communities to a more transparent model to ensure as they move into future decades there will be a “Byron Bay” for future generations, through responsible social change and sustainable practices.

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