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Educational Travel Tours
Certified Since: June, 2013
Location: Wellington, Florida, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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MEJDI Tours is the leading socially conscious travel company in the world. Dedicated to providing customized itineraries for travel groups as diverse as their destinations, MEJDI Tours is full-service travel company-differentiating itself from the crowd through exclusive access, authentic experiences, extraordinary customer service, and much more – founded on the belief that tourism should be a vehicle for a more positive and interconnected world.

MEJDI-which translates to both “honor” and “respect”was established to change the face of tourism through a socially responsible business model that honors both clients and communities.

An estimated 1 billion people travel every year. MEJDI Tours sees this as 1 billion opportunities to make a difference. MEJDI Tours is dedicated to opening hearts and expanding minds, inviting clients to become cultural explorers while engaging and supporting the global communities they serve.

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