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Sustainable Development Consulting
Certified Since: September, 2012
Location: Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Mikado is a social enterprise committed to serve sustainable development and to yield social impact through crafting innovative models and solutions. Mikado believes in and strives to create partnerships among private sector, civil society, academic institutions and international organizations for multidimensional development.

They wished to become a B Corp to be part of and learn from a community of organizations with social impact and to get closer to our mission of serving sustainable development.

Mikado is a social enterprise; on the one hand it helps and equips different organizations to better serve communities and become agents of change, on the other hand it generates socially innovative projects itself. Mikado is like a “social innovation catalyzer, generator and incubator”.

Mikado’s fields of activities are structured to reach and serve sustainable development:

1. Corporate responsibility and sustainability solutions for a responsible private sector

Mikado assists private sector companies to develop their corporate responsibility and sustainability strategies in order for them to meet their responsibilities towards their internal and external stakeholders in an ethical, transparent and accountable manner.

Activities that fall under this scope include, corporate responsibility strategy development and coordination, provision of climate change solutions, sustainability reporting, corporate responsibility and sustainability reporting trainings, community investment program development and coordination, monitoring-evaluation.

2. NGO capacity building for a sustainable and transparent civil society

Mikado, well aware of NGOs’ crucial role in fostering democratization and active citizenship, assists them to strengthen their organizational capacities and expand their social impact. Mikado’s services in this scope include organizational capacity building, NGO management trainings, monitoring – evaluation and social impact reporting

3. Social innovation

The Future is Brighter Project, developed and incubated by Mikado, can be held up as a good example of social innovation, in that it makes the most efficient use of available resources, such as the Internet, online tools and volunteers to empower youth and enable the sharing of experiences and knowledge without the constraints of time or space. www.gelecekdaha.net

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