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Sustainability Consulting and Eco Products
Certified Since: December, 2014
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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MIO is a lifestyle and culture company that bridges the gap between business and sustainability through design. MIO designs, manufactures and retails innovative furnishings and accessories for life. MIO’s offerings include unconventional and highly innovative designs that transform residential and commercial interiors easily and on a budget. MIO’s products are sold online and through decoration and home improvement retailers worldwide.

MIO’s products are made in the US out of environmentally preferable materials and processes. MIO’s design practice integrates environmental and social considerations at every stage, from material selection and sourcing, to logistics, use, maintenance and end of product life considerations.

MIO’s design team provides strategic design consulting services for companies that seek to bridge the gap between business and sustainability through design. At the heart of MIO’s work is their philosophy of responsible desire. MIO’s guiding principle that consumption of responsibly made goods and services should be driven by desire and delight, rather than guilt or fear.

MIO believes in Green Design For Everyone™ a vision of the future where sustainability and social responsibility are not just desirable attributes but logical marketplace realities.

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