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Montville Coffee Pty Ltd

Certified FTO Roasted Coffee, Drinking Chocolate & Tea. Coffee Training
Certified Since: June, 2016
Location: Montville, Queensland, Australia
Sector: Manufacturing

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Montville Coffee has been forming long-lasting and meaningful relationships with businesses and consumers for over 15 years through expertly roasting Fairtrade and Certified Organic coffee in Montville, Queensland. This delicious coffee can be found in cafés, grocers, guesthouses, and homes across Australia.

Montville Coffee is conscious of how its choices impact the individuals and communities it interacts with. Since its establishment in 2000 as the first Certified Fairtrade and Organic coffee roaster in Queensland, the company’s story of innovation and entrepreneurship has been driven by a desire for social and environmental justice. Montville Coffee operates with social justice at the core. The organization is committed to fair relationships and environmental innovation and seeks to affect positive change in the communities and institutions with which it interacts.

As an integral part of it’s local community, Montville Coffee nurtures long term partnerships with local organisations and schools. The company is constantly striving to reduce its environmental footprint and in 2016 began supplying coffee to cafes in 100% compostable bags. They continue to work on other initiatives.

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