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My Friend's Dentist

General, Cosmetic and Implant Dental Services.
Certified Since: August, 2019
Location: Wilmington, North Carolina, United States
Sector: Service with Significant Environmental Footprint

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My Friend’s Dentist is an independently-owned general, cosmetic and implant dentistry in Wilmington, NC who's mission is to provide the best patient experience possible, care for people through dentistry and be responsible stewards of the communities it serves.

Widely recognized for it’s patient-friendly approach to dental care, My Friend’s dentist enacts its mission through a variety of practical efforts, including:

• Transparently publishing procedure prices
• Introducing its Dental Membership Plan which provides accessible preventative and restorative services to uninsured patients
• Offsetting 100% of annual carbon emissions
• Waste recycling and reduction efforts in partnerships with Terracycle and The Wilmington Compost Company
• Volunteering at local health, community and environmental organizations
• Publishing its annual impact report

www.MyFriendsDentist.com details the company’s services, philosophy of care and social and environmental practices.

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