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Lead with purpose
Certified Since: February, 2013
Location: Rome, Rome, Italy
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Nativa helps companies evolve toward a higher goal. Because the future belongs to those who create a positive impact on society and on the planet. Their vision is that Italy becomes a model of sustainable innovation for the world.
Nativa is an activist sustainability consultancy that charts the path for those who lead the change. Their purpose is to create a large scale positive impact on society, the biosphere and the economy. They partner with leading businesses to help them thrive while regenerating society and the environment.
Nativa was born as a Benefit Corporation, the first in Europe, and it has been, in February 2013, the first Certified B Corp® in Italy. Nativa is the country partner of B Lab in Italy.
Nativa, since 2014, has been a key actor in introducing the Benefit Corporation (Società Benefit) law in Italy.
Nativa incorporates the innovation methodologies of The Natural Step, an international non-profit working on sustainable innovation since 1989. Nativa is The Natural Step Italian Branch.

They have not become a B Corp, they have designed Nativa as such. Nativa’s purpose is a paradigm shift in the economic system, so that by design human activities and businesses, value people’s happiness, and regenerate society and the biosphere. What else makes sense?

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