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North Coast Organics LLC

Personal Care Products
Certified Since: August, 2016
Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Sector: Manufacturing

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North Coast Organics is a certified organic company that specializes in handmade, small batch body care products. North Coast Organics' entire line is USDA organic certified, vegan certified, and cruelty-free certified. North Coast Organics believes that quality, all natural ingredients processed by hand in small batches produces the best products. In addition to their branded products, North Coast Organics is a co-packer producing private label certified organic body care products./p>

North Coast Organics was born in 2012 in Chicago, Illinois after the founder, Nathan Morin, began making a natural deodorant from organic, edible ingredients. Friends of Nathan began asking for samples. Eventually someone suggested that he sell the deodorant. Nathan decide to bring his deodorant recipe to market and founded North Coast Organics to do so.

Upon founding the company, it was important to Nathan than his personal values be reflected the products that North Coast Organics makes and its mission. Part of their mission is to use profits for the greater good. North Coast Organics is an independent company located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. North Coast Organics is owned and operated by a mom, Debbie Morin, and son, Nathan, team.

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