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OneSeventeen Media, PBC

ThinkingApp™ and reThinkIt!™
Certified Since: February, 2009
Location: Austin, Texas, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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OneSeventeen Media provides a suite of AI-powered, evidence-based mobile apps, ThinkingApp™ and reThinkIt!™, that help both English and Spanish speaking PreK - 12th grade students’ better process difficult emotions, understand their own behaviors, and navigate those of others.

Designed specifically as a real-time “early detection system”, the apps alert educators, counselors, parents and/or authorities to a student’s potential escalating and/or damaging behaviors. The platform performs an “emotional digital triage™ ”, capturing potentially disruptive and/or harmful behavioral issues developing in a child’s mind. Through early intervention, a crisis may be avoided and educators can focus on maintaining a positive and effective instructional environment.

Part on-demand text messaging with virtual counselors and part self-paced self-help content based on trauma-informed, restorative justice, social and emotional learning (SEL) principles, the apps have been proven to result in students sharing 5 times more information than they share with adults face to face. The system evaluates, learns and provides in-depth, real-time personality insights about often complex issues regarding a student’s emotional and mental state, so educators can quickly assess students’ needs and provide ap

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