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OverDrive, Inc.

Digital Media Distribution Company
Certified Since: August, 2017
Location: Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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For three decades, OverDrive has worked exclusively with digital content, a true pioneer in the evolution and adoption of eBooks and audiobooks. Public libraries and schools worldwide have partnered with OverDrive to make reading more accessible and more fun. As technology progressed, so has their digital reading platform. Today, OverDrive offers the largest digital content catalog in the world for libraries and schools and the highest-rated apps that are built to create reading happiness. OverDrive champions the needs of readers and seeks to delight more readers every day, in everything they do. Through the years, OverDrive has learned from their successes and challenges, and, most importantly, from their partners. From the beginning, it has been equally important to align with the mission of their global network of publishers, libraries and schools to support communities with passion and collaboration while supporting reading literacy. As OverDrive continues to reach for new goals, OverDrive’s vision, mission, core beliefs and values remind them who they are as a company and what they are striving for each day: A World Enlightened by Reading.

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