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Ozery Family Bakery

Various bread products such as Morning Rounds, Snacking Rounds, & OneBuns
Certified Since: July, 2019
Location: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Sector: Manufacturing

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Based in Toronto, serving North America, Ozery Family Bakery sells branded products to the natural, national grocery, and food service markets.

Since 1996, our family has been inventing alternatives to traditional bread products that are made from hearty whole grains, fruits, and seeds. You may recognize us as “Pita Break,” a small bakery founded by Al Ozery and his son Alon that emerged from within our sandwich shop in downtown Toronto. Soon after, Guy joined his father and brother and a family business was born.

Demand grew and in 1998 we began selling our flat breads to local specialty and health food stores in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Not long after, we opened our commercial bakery to support requests for products in Ontario, Quebec, and within the United States.

In 2016, our business turned twenty years old! To coincide with our 20th anniversary, we decided to put our family name on everything we make, and thus, Ozery Family Bakery was born. Consider it our personal pledge that everything we make has only the most nutritious and delicious ingredients in it. No GMOs. No artificial preservatives. No mysterious ingredients you can’t pronounce.

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