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Certified Since: May, 2011
Location: New York, New York, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Perlman & Perlman LLP has provided legal counsel to nonprofits, fundraising professionals and philanthropically motivated businesses since 1959. In recent years, the firm’s expertise has expanded to include the evolving field of social enterprise law. Based in New York, it serves organizations and individuals across the nation and around the world, with a dedicated focus on charitable and socially beneficial enterprises.

Their commitment to the philanthropic ethos is deeply embedded in their business practice. They seek to partner with their clients for the long term, sharing their commitment to changing and improving the world in which they live. Although the community of their clients has broadened over the past fifty years, it continues to be comprised of agents for positive social change. In spite of this, the wide gulf between the nonprofit and for profit worlds has impacted the ability of those seeking such change to do so both productively and sustainably. Today, there is a growing community of entrepreneurs who seek to bridge the gap by exploring new ways to operate as economically viable businesses without sacrificing benefits to those stakeholders impacted by the activities of the business.

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